MADE in China

24 10 2008


This is a conceptual product  that targets the entire 1.3 billion Chinese population. Designed by a winner for Microsoft & IDSA living lifestyle competition. Each aspect of the hardware derives from an oriental inspiration which improves the PC experience for the targeted market. The hardware features a “No CPU, No Hard drive, No Graphics Card and No Sound Card” concept. These PC components are stored in a Service Provider of the new infrastructure.

Thus, subscribing to a plan of the Service Provider will allow the use of these components. The data from the components is then wirelessly transmitted to the user’s hardware. Thus, all PCs are administered by the Service Provider. MADE stands for Massively Administered Digital Entities.

[sce: nextgendesigncomp]

A different idea approach…. Probably would be interesting if it was an interactive menu in restaurants. It might be a new fun way to place your orders . Pick and drop your food choice!