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31 01 2009

newspaper report


Plastic Shoe designs

These are really interesting shoes. Made out of joined together recycled polyethelyne plastic bags, designer Camila Labra has launched a range of waterproof footwear for women. It is named after Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, which was one of the first Asian cities to ban plastic bags in 2002. The lightweight shoes are lined with a pique padding on the inside, to make it more comfortable. And is retailed at US$45. I think the designs are very interesting and the idea of using recycled plastic is very helpful to the environment as well. It is a good idea. With such an idea, alot of designs can be applied onto it.

[srce: Plastics Rubber&Asia]




3 responses

30 05 2009

Is recycled plastic biodegradable?

30 05 2009
Brenda Yap

Nopes. biodegradable plastic is not necessary recyclable. Recycled plastic basically means reusing an existing plastic material for another purpose or application (eg: making it into something else). Biodegradable simply means the plastic is able to breakdown by itself when it fuses with the environment condition it is in after a period of time so that it will not cause clutter easily. An example of biodegradable plastic are plastic bags made from ‘cornflour’ whereby the bags will tend to break up into little pieces after a period of 2-3 months and even faster if exposed to weather conditions such as rain and shine.

8 01 2010
maya roysdon

these are really creative, very respetcable work

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